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I can help you with all sorts of IT requirements. Whether it’s slow wifi, a cluttered or slow computer, thoughts on new smartphones or tablets, I’ll do what I can to advise you on the best thing for you. If you want help with web or blog design, I can help you with that, too!


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My promise

I’ve been in the IT industry for over 25 years and worked in all sorts of technology related companies. I’ll bring that experience, along with ample common sense to help you with your IT problems or IT wants and needs.

I’ll give you one hour of my time for free, and do my best to understand your issues, budget, thoughts, and concerns. If you decide to go forward and do it yourself, that’s brilliant. If you need my help I’ll offer you a fair price for the work that we agree on.


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I’m Rob Wilcox, and you can contact on the form here, or call or message me on +44 78818 21111. 

I live in Stratton, Cornwall.

Look me up on Twitter:

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